The Concept

  • Around 200.000.000 doggie bags1 are distributed each year by German cities and communities
  • These make up almost 4% of all plastic bags in Germany (200 Million /5,3 Billion ²*100)
  • About 97% of the implemented products are made of conventional plastics and are therefore not biodegradable, which can pose a serious threat to the environment over a span of hundreds of years.
  • Doggie bags are used most frequently in or near nature and even pollute natural habitats and waters in greater number than plastic shopping bags.
  • Doggie bags are sometimes intentionally placed into the environment after having been filled with dog poop

1) Estimate based on feedback from around 700 conversations with cities and communities and on the thusly acquired total number of distributed doggie bags (119 million for these cities).

2) Source: DUH

The Problem

Doggie bags do not belong in the environment but nonetheless end up there much more often than all other plastic bags. We want to change that. So, we are creating a map with photos of improperly disposed of doggie bags in order to demonstrate the scope of the problem. See map.

How can I help?

Locate and photograph as many doggie bags as possible and use your smartphone to upload the photos. The result will be an impressive map with photos from all participants. Important: the photos require a GPS tag/”location” in order to be displayed on the map. Get involved.

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